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The reference in juices and purees 100% natural from Madagascar


MPE is a company created in 2014 by two renowned companies recognized in their sectors, in response to the growing demand for ingredients based quality fruit.
First, SCRIMAD SA (www.scrimad.com), a leading company in the agricultural sector based in Madagascar since 1993 and working exclusively with producer organizations throughout the island. It was the first company to obtain the certificate of Fair Trade in Madagascar in lychee industry.
Moreover, ETHIQUABLE (www.ethiquable.com), a French cooperative of which all products are certified fair trade and organic.
MPE SA has since become the first company of its kind in Madagascar. Commit itself to providing its customers a customized product based on the respect of nature, preservation of authentic flavors with a high level of service and quality. Values for "Sustainable development, equitable and inclusive" are illustrated by our responsible development policy from producers peasants partners.